Stay Home, Save Nature, Save Lives

A view to connect Nature to our acts.

Ever thought, how, ten or twenty years from now, you will look back on this day?

Keep your answers ready! We will come back to it later.

We all are isolated in our homes. Some learning new stuffs, some helping their parents, some watching Netflix (I am not a marketing expert.) , while others building up new strategies for their business, etc,etc,. Ah! I am also one of them. On the other hand, World Economy is at its worst, sales dropping down and to the latest surprise, price of crude oil fell to $0.01 from $27.67 in a single day! To add more, WHO says-

This is not the end. There is more to see.

Its indeed a bad news.Already, over 2 lakh people have lost their lives. To make the things worse, there are more than 24 lakh cases, and the graph is still rising. A single infected person, can infect more than 400 people. In a nutshell, COVID-19 has brought destruction to each and every sphere of life.

Umm… Actually, to the humans, not to Everything.

Why am I saying so? I am no moron . I am also a scaredy-cat!

Nature is reviving. With lockdown imposed, less vehicles on road, industries causing pollution closed, Arctic Ozone Layer Depletion is slow.

Even, once endangered species have started roaming free and continuous exploitation of natural resources has come to a halt.Thus, what government policies and acts were devised to achieve, is being achieved by Nature itself. A clean environment, is eventually helping us to fight with the virus.

Coming back to where we started. Ready with the answers?

There can be many answers to it owing to different perceptions. But what really matters is , how our present, drives the way we think, in future.

Its a fact, that years later, many will discuss about- how this virus spread, how many people were killed, how the person itself spent his day in isolation and so on.

Seems like we are missing something important. If that one point is not considered, then we surely haven’t developed that respecting attitude towards the nature and to your loved ones.

If a single species in the RED LIST manages to survive today due to decline in poaching, it can help balance the ecosystem to a large extent. A steep decline in pollution, as of now, can help balance the level of pollutants in the atmosphere.In short, our small act can help us to contribute to a healthy environment.

If you stay at home today, and go out only when required, while taking all precautionary measures, then, years later, when you will be telling this to your children or grandchildren( if you survive ), remember, he/ she or you, are alive because that one step YOU took years before, to follow the guidelines of STAY HOME STAY SAFE , and that has helped your family’s generations survive ( think about it in a broader way).

A single step, we as an individual take today can help our environment to cure itself and eventually help save millions of life.We all are facing the same issues. But, with all the efforts put in by each one of us, we can fight with this virus, effectively, and make this world a better place to live!

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