Its quite common to get surrounded with a lot of techies around, when you enter college.You meet them, learn from them and just give a push start on those tech.

The same thing happened to me. A few months ago, Engineering for me was like:

  • First Year — Study and Explore. Enjoy the college life.
  • Second Year — Getting your hands dirty on code while messing around Trees, Stacks,etc.
  • Third Year — Start a hunt for an internship
  • Fourth Year — Interviews and Competitions for a job.

It was more like making a Game theory for Engineers.

Then I started looking for opportunities where I could learn new skills.I started a search for influential Nethead, on LinkedIn. Eventually, it was changing my perception.

Soon, I realized…. It has to start 'Now’. Connecting with people around the globe, contributing in Open Source Communities helped me a lot to build up my own Identity among Developers and Executives.


Delaying up things to wait for the correct time should not be an option. The best way is to, grabbing the opportunities 'Now’, instead of relying on 'Later’.

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